Community Information

“North County” is a general term referring to communities generally in the northern half of the County. 50 or so years ago, there was little development south of Escondidio and Rancho Bernardo inland from the coast. Gradually the area south of Escondido developed and now is almost continuous south of these communities.

While North County Associated Brokers can represent you anywhere in the County or even north into Riverside County, we generally consider North County as including the communities listed below.

For our purposes of giving you general information on the area, it is probably most helpful to you in your “search” for the ideal community to look at North County in relation to its climate, so we have listed the communities in four zones: “COASTAL“, “NEAR COASTAL“, “INLAND” and “MOUNTAIN” based on climate. By reading about each community you can select ones of interest based on other criteria important to you such as schools, distance to work, size, density of development and/or other criteria.

You can click on  each “community” listed below for a information on the community and homes currently available for sale in that community.

(beach communities–coolest and moistest climate)
      Del Mar
(milder climate with less fog)
      San Marcos
(warmest and most arid)
  (4 seasons climate)
      Palomar Mtn. and Julian
The map of San Diego County shown below shows the general location of each community and of our office at the San Marcos and Escondido boundary, centrally located to all of North County.
For more information on any area or other questions please contact us by giving us your contact information to the right or call or text us at 619-988-7222.  We look forward to hearing from you!