If you are thinking of selling your home, or are just interested in what the real estate market is in your area, you can get an online report sent to you showing recent sales and statistics on the local market around your home or any other property.  Just click on this "MARKET SNAPSHOT" link and then select the "Seller" option and fill in the information requested on the screen. Hit "submit" and an online report will be emailed to you almost immediately.

For more information or if you have questions on using this "Market Snapshot" click on this "Contact Us" link and I will be glad to answer your questions and/or assist you in  the determination of the value of your property.  With my knowledge of the North County I can assist you with a "refined value" on any home based on its amenities and location.  All online information is just a rough approximation based on other homes of similar size in the area, but does not adjust for condition, or location or special features unique to that home!

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